Wireless and Mobility SOlutions

Wireless is the next step into Digital taking it ahead for the collaborative and unified communication

Wireless and Mobility introduces a new generation networking and collaboration

Wireless Mobility Solutions

Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Having a secure network is imperative for efficient wireless and mobility

Wireless and Mobility are foremost in taking connectivity and collaborative performance to the next level in IT. Mobility has also brought networking and security into focus making it more of a priority. Mobility has taken your work place outside the four walls of your organization bringing in more flexibility and agility in your work. Personalization is another benefit of mobilization.

We focus on how seamlessly you can integrate wireless and mobility applications for better performance

Wireless Solutions- Indoor and Outdoor

New Network adaptation is the key to the growth of your business

Keep your customers satisfied with minimizing costs with our wireless solutions

Cloud and Analytics can help address the challenges of wireless technology adaptation

With mobility and app culture thriving as a part of IT solutions, typical challenges such as bandwidth capacities and bottleneck congestion of networks is cropping up all over. Organizations have to give a tough fight to combat these challenges and may have to spend more to get a relief. In such a scenario, partnering with an expert who eases the bandwidth congestion with no extra costs is the need of the time.

Wireless Solutions- Indoor and Outdoor

Deploy wireless services while keeping the productivity high and costs low

Intense competition in the market and skills needed to absorb new networking offerings while keeping costs low is the challenge for today’s organizations

Network Optimization for Wireless

Reduce complexity of wireless with controlled network access and high security to Mind your data with intelligent network optimization

Optimize your network for wireless and leverage the power of your data with effective network management

Network Optimization for Wireless

Optimize your network to let it increase and leverage bandwidth

Minimize network congestion by optimizing your network

Sustain while you take the big step and shift to wireless

Truly, the trick in IT lies more in sustaining and not starting or getting on with new technologies. You need a technology partner who understands the same and as much implements it into your organization. Deployed technologies such as wireless and mobility need sustainable power and management along with maintenance to keep the business uninterrupted. The secret lies in partnering with the technology-know-how who understands your needs for wireless and efficiently aligns it with your business objectives.

Wireless WAN

Reduce operational complexity with Wireless Wan

A holistic approach to Wireless Wan helps transformation faster

We help you reduce your infrastructural and operational interference

For your wireless plans to move forward successfully you need a technology partner who will not only guide you to choose but also to help you understand the need for wireless and its implementation. Intelligent WAN should help you achieve an increase in productivity, enhanced connectivity and reduced costs. If all these factors are in place you are definitely in the right direction. Konverge will help you achieve all these aspects of wireless WAN with strategizing the deployment and management of WAN.

Wireless WAN

Agile Wan and hybrid IT will change the face of your business

While lowering costs we help you leverage your connectivity through wireless WAN

Integration and Connectivity

The effectiveness of communication within your work-place and globally essentially comes from robust networking and connectivity

Making your business service oriented and customer centric with augmented connectivity and integration

Integration and Connectivity

Stay connected always, anywhere, anytime with enhanced integration and connectivity

Enhance access with faster speed and agility to data, apps, and information

Integrate devices and apps to stay connected within your work place and outside too

The right kind of integration boosts connectivity. With expert integration solutions you are not only helping save time and efforts by way of collaboration, you are bringing all the devices, apps on one platform to make a power house, performance oriented environment. Connectivity and integration is a marriage of convenience and technology giving rise to better communication and solutions for your customers.

Unified Access Solutions

Gain control over your network with an end-to-end strategy and plan for access

Unification of network is the clear cut solution to run an efficient network

A highly secure and uncomplicated network can give you a simplified access control and exponential growth in business

A hybrid of wired and wireless will help ease the transformation in your organization. We look at unified access solutions more as a strategic implementation more than just an operational or connectivity solution. A scalable network is what we look at when deploying wireless and solving access issue at your organization. Without making network a part of the strategy it is impossible to solve access control challenges.

Unified Access Solutions

Access becomes critical when there are un-endless new devices and wireless speeds and traffic

A simplified network will give you more control over access issues

Bring your own Device ( BYOD ) Solution

Let your devices move with you whenever and wherever you are

A continuous, unified collaboration is what BYOD offers regardless of time and place

BYOD (Bring your own Device) Solution

Increase productivity while you mitigate risks with BYOD

Bringing your own device policy can help organizations reduce operational costs and infrastructural investments

A well secured network can help introduce BYOD and integrate it seamlessly into your organization

Mitigate risks to the optimum so that you can easily and safely integrate your apps and BYOD and other systems to always stay connected. Whether the devices are being managed on cloud or on-premise now integrate it with your very own devices with highly secure solutions from Konverge. Most organizations are apprehensive about BYOD due to the risks that my follow in with the devices into the organizati0ons. Therefore we provide high-end, multi-layered security to allow BYOD to be a part of your organization.

Whether it is traditional IT or expertise in wireless, Konverge offers both with dynamism

Work force

Wireless gives all the flexibility and agility to your work force to work from anywhere and anytime to make the wireless work for your work force.


Organizations cannot compromise on security and with the deployment of wireless, security is made multi-layered so that there are no surprise security breaches or risks.

Robust Network

A strong and reliable network is the first priority that can allow a seamless integration of wireless and mobile friendly workspace.

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