Unified Communication and Collaboration

Become bigger than before with a great collaborated work-force

Collaboration will bring infinite and boundless possibilities in your business

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Enhance productivity with unified communication

Bringing all communication on one platform makes all the difference to your performance

Unified Communication and Collaboration

With Digital revolution, transformation is the way to progress

If you want to stay afloat in the competition collaboration is the way forward. We offer competitive and one of the best practices in communication and collaboration services. We have taken it upon ourselves to make your IT work best for you through a unified approach when it comes to communication and collaboration initiatives.

We create a workable strategy for communication and collaboration, one that is comprehensive and will bring down operational costs

Telephonic and Voice

We provide a dynamic platform for rich communication

Telephonic and voice is still an important part for your overall communication

Now your communication will be robust with limitless flexibility, virtualization and a super-fine IP infrastructure to facilitate the best communication ever

New technologies aren’t making the old facilities redundant; in fact they are adding value in how you can bring them about to help you. Telephonic and voice communication are still at the heart of your communication and Konverge makes them even more powerful by helping you optimized them for you.


Our offerings make your voice and telephonic systems as independent and consolidated as possible

Make use of the telephonic and voice for a great customer experience and not merely communicating

Boardroom and Conference Room Solutions

Web like never before will help you see communicate with the world to open new avenues of business opportunities

Make your work force enterprising and full of verve the latest in video and web conferencing enablers

Video and web conferencing

Make video and web optimize your communication

Now have all the latest technologies at the tip of your fingers with Konverge’s best offerings

Let your teams make full use and explore more knowledge transfer through video and web conferencing

We offer the best in video and web conferencing to not just help you connect with your customers but also help you develop a long term relationship with your customers. We offer the latest in technology to help you build the best practices through video and web conferencing to enable you to establish a solid brand image.

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborate within your organization to expand and grow business

We help make your work force more productive and interactive through high-end collaboration platforms

Make content work like never before through or innovative collaborative work space initiatives

Collaboration using various platforms is enabling organizations speedy work with productive outputs. Deliveries too are sped-up and are bringing profits to organizations that now want to walk hand in hand with the latest technologies in the market. Konverge offers the best practices for organizations to help them reduce the work load and overall operational costs by bringing in the best skills and technologies in collaboration.


Bring down costs with optimizing the available resources though collaborative approach

Use the most beneficial ways integrating various communication channels to collaborate robustly and steadily

audio video conference

We help you increase efficiency and flexibility with the latest in technology such as Cloud

Fast and smart exchange of data within secured measures is what we offer

Audio and video communication

Go beyond the traditional audio and video communication and move to the new realm of digital revolution

Have communication so unified that there are lesser errors and more productivity through communication

Integrated and cloud-based communication facilitates an overall increase in the workforce productivity

Make time-sensitive updates happen as per the schedule without disrupting any of the other tasks. Now audio and video makes for more than just connecting with your clients. It’s an exchange of information that is rich in content and context and one that happens through any channels through anywhere in the world.

UCC Design, Planning and Implementation

Treat communication as a crucial part of your business growth and invest in its design and planning for a better implementation

Now maneuver your business in the right direction with unified communication and collaboration

We offer a user-centric and effective approach to UCC and our planning based on the same factors

We help you through the entire process of unification; through planning, design and implementation in one go to help you with your transformation process in UCC. It is not about arriving at the destination as much as it is about the journey when it comes to coming full circle in communication and collaboration. We analyze the exact need and accordingly structure a strategy of design and implementation of UCC for you.

Design and Planning

Strategizing UCC will help you crease out future problems and issues

We lay a strong foundation through a robust design for your entire UCC planning

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