The whole spectrum of industry-oriented services at your doorstep!

Konverge is here to serve you in a high fidelity manner. We guarantee state-of-the-art services that are performed with standardized modes of operation. Not only do we promise giving you the very best…but we also promise to make it a fun experience for you in doing so!

Delivering Services to not just last a lifetime but also to last many application process lifecycles!


Managed Services

We can manage all those day-to-day routine activities for you. This gives you much scope to concentrate on the much needed high priority tasks. From IT facilities to email solutions…we have been there and done that!

Services Professional

Professional Services

Leading from the top, we promise to deliver only the best. We are the professionals who counsel the top echelons in network architecture, OS support, virtualization, relocation, ERP post implementation, back up and disaster recovery, Our efficiency lies in the fact that we automate processes… creating time as a by product!

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