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Get the best of Network, Back up, disaster recovery and virtualization services to enhance business outputs well within the stipulated timelines with Konverge’s expertise and experience

Enterprise Mobility

Konverge helps you leverage business outcomes across verticals and helps you optimize talent

Professional services is one of the most challenging tasks as it has one of the key functionalities to be managed that can be decision making tasks for your business. Managing and retaining talent is a crucial job and Konverge also helps businesses with strategies to cope up with complex projects across the globe while increasing the business profitability.

With our efficient Professional services we help you reduce the time to market your products with our unique approach and strategic implementation of plans

Network Architecture, design and Implementation

Go for a seamless integration of new and existing technologies within your IT infrastructure. Do not limit your IT experience to only technology; expand it to your suppliers, providers and partners. Embrace Digital revolutions with minimum disruptions and more optimized utility. Hierarchy in design is necessary for smooth IT operational functioning. If one needs expertise in creating high speed network infrastructure. Robust yet sensitive network is the need and Konverge helps you with this requirement.

Network Architecture Design
Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data that cannot be restored or retrieved s of no value…It’s best that one deploys industry standard practices when it comes to data backup and recovery. We make backup and recovery easy for you with virtualization. Virtual machines have made duplication and retrieval easy and reliable. Now no need to go in for steps such as get a new server, re-installed all systems hoping for restoration, have a standby in case of an emergency and many other options to deal with recovery and disaster. Now let go of these traditional ways and

Relocation, Migration plan and Implementation

No need to start from the scratch when it comes to relocation migration plan and implementation. Stay interconnected in this digital world without having to disrupt the basic infrastructure and operations with Konverges’ strategy in relocation and migration. Make migration and relocation a stress-free exercise and enjoy the benefits of lower costs. As an experienced partner we first analyze the current data center status at your organization and

Relocation, Migration plan and Implementation
Network Performance Optimization

Network Performance Optimization

Is your network optimized enough o give you the best of the benefits? It is necessary that for a better digital future, your network performance is optimized. Make your network intelligent enough to give you its best. Our experts will help you make network-ready with support and assistance to transform the way you look at network. Improving network efficiency, reducing risks, making it more reliable than ever are ways of…

OS Support and Management-

Konverge’s OS support and Management prepares you for all the business demands. Our technical support and your needs are in line and we make the most out of OS support and management.

With Microsoft Windows enjoy the ease of installation and also the benefits of virtualization, scalability of Windows. With Windows and Konverge’s expertise transform your business and your customer’s business. With various partnerships we help you make OS support and Management work best for you. With Windows Azure, Azure

OS Support and Management
Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services

Make the most of the biggest revolution in technology-Virtualization. When an innovative technology s is well integrated in your organization you can see the benefits immediately. Make the most challenging aspect of your It the most gifted aspects with virtualization services from Konverge. Integrate virtualization very well into your systems and protect it with multiple layers of security…

ERP Post Implementation Support-

With the best in ERP keep all departments in your organization in one place. We help you integrate your IT with your core business processes through ERP processes to help you achieve your targets. With ERP from Konverge enhance productivity, increase competitive advantage. With ERP post implementation services we help you to have better insights into your business. Execute your business strategies with ERP post implementation support services ….

ERP Post Implementation Support
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