ERP Post Implementation Support

With the best in ERP keep all departments in your organization in one place

Konverge helps you manage and sustain the complexity of global organization through centralized ERP solution

We help you integrate your IT with your core business processes through ERP processes to help you achieve your targets

ERP Post Implementation Support

With ERP post implementation services we help you to have better insights into your business

Execute your business strategies with ERP post implementation support services from Konverge. Our highly skilled technical staff enables a quick response and implementation. We often provide training to your work force to understand and be a part of the process.

With ERP from Konverge enhance productivity, increase competitive advantage

ERP Basis Managed Support

With continuous support from us we help enhance your existing functionality through ERP basis managed support. We also help you with master data maintenance upload and download.

MS Dynamics Axapta Managed Support

With our competent MS Dynamic Axapta Manages support we help your employees work faster and smarter with more dynamic and proactive decisions.

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