OS Support and Management

With Windows and Konverge’s expertise transform your business and your customer’s business

With the right partner you make the right choice of tending to the various support needs for your organization

Our technical support and your needs are in line and we make the most out of OS support and management

OS Support Implementation

With Microsoft Windows enjoy the ease of installation and also the benefits of virtualization, scalability of Windows

With various partnerships we help you make OS support and Management work best for you. With Windows Azure, Azure stack and the latest in the market always we make sure your OS support is well thought of and delivered to maximize your working potential.

Konverge’s OS support and Management prepares you for all the business demands


Linux helps you match the exact requirements of your business and its various needs. With our support you can design, an innovative high performing Linux platform and change the face of your business for better profitability.


With the perfect OS support take optimization into your hands and let your business go for a complete make-over toward profitability.


Let it be any support or technology we make migration so easy for you that your work force need not undergo any discontinuity in working while we make migration seamless and effortless for you.

Post-migration support

Our hand-holding only begins with deployment and migration however we extend support throughout the life-cycle of the entire migration and OS support.

One-time installation and Support

As per your need we customize our support services. If you need continuous support we are right there throughout the process, however if you need just one time installation and support we are the right experts for you.

Ongoing Managed Support

Managed well and with an expert partner your system and OS is bound to perform at its best. We offer ongoing managed support to manage and maintain the OS for you.

System Center implementation support

We help you with all aspects of OS support and management; hence we offer the best in system center implementation support as well. Our ongoing support is efficient enough o keep your business running uninterrupted.

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