Network Architecture Design & Implementation

Our solutions focus on your network in a holistic manner

Go for a seamless integration of new and existing technologies within your it infrastructure

Do not limit your IT experience to only technology; expand it to your suppliers, providers and partners

Network Architecture Design

We help you with architecture, overall network design, layout and implementation

Hierarchy in design is necessary for smooth IT operational functioning. If one needs expertise in creating high speed network infrastructure. Robust yet sensitive network is the need and Konverge helps you with this requirement.

Embrace Digital revolutions with minimum disruptions and more optimized utility

Elements of assistance

Our experts are ready to assist you at anytime in various elements such as LAN and WAN, Performance Analysis, Network Documentation, Security- that includes content Anti-spam, Firewall etc.


It’s all about adaptability and accommodation. Given the fast pace with which new technological innovations are coming up in the market, we build a design that’s agile and accommodative.


Strategy wins hands down when it comes to building strong foundation in networking. We create strategies that are in-line with your business objectives.


Installing the latest in technology and being proactive in the design and architecture is our expertise to make room for newer technologies that won’t be a burden on the network instead will be an added advantage.


With years of experience and knowing that customization works the best, we implement as per your needs.

Cohesive approach

Our technology team has the vision that helps you in deciding what’s best for you when it comes to design, architecture and implementation of networking. We have a cohesive approach towards any system and thus our processes are also aligned accordingly.

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