Messaging and Collaboration

Have a full-featured messaging system to support collaboration and communication

A fundamental shift in the way you communicate is the need of the hour

Messaging and Collaboration

Messaging and Collaboration

Communication cannot be flawed as it has a direct effect over your business

A dialogue that can make or break your business sums up the need for effective messaging and collaboration techniques

Optimized delivery models and unified communication strategies are the new terms being coined and implemented in the sphere of messaging and collaboration. Be a part of this league by partnering with the right company to adapt appropriately and stay afloat in the competition.

Manage messaging like never before and gain control over how you communicate with your customers

Social Collaboration

With Social collaboration organize your work processes and streamline talent in the right direction

Seamless integration of social collaboration has its advantages and impact on business profitability

Bring in the right channels and let social collaboration dynamics unfold its true potential

Modern enterprise is all about making the most out of people and the strength endures through technological innovations. Konverge analyses your need and your capacities to endure social collaboration to be able to sustain longer in the collaboration landscape. We access your IT capacities too to know where to start and hoe to strategize social collaboration.


Real-time real knowledge and its sharing can make a difference

Bring people and technology together in synchronization to increase productivity

Email Solutions

E-mail messaging is a solution in itself with various tools being made available with technology’s support

Exchange information and data with ease and speed up performances well within the boundaries of security

On-Premise e-mail Solution

The traditional on-premise email messaging is much more secure and collaborative with Konverge’s offerings

Email messaging has never been so super-fine to save time and costs both at the same time

We build a road-map to align messaging capabilities with your business goals

Email message on-premise is a solution offered by Konvege to overcome any hiccups in communication and have an uninterrupted interaction and exchange of data with your customers. This multi-layer security featured collaboration enables your team to make innovative choices to make your business a success.

On- Cloud email solution

Drive your business faster with on-cloud email solution by Konverge

Reign in the profits like never before as you connect, communicate and collaborate all at once

Empower Digital at your organization with on-cloud email solutions

Simplifying and automating communication is the new digital wave to empower your workforce as well as empowering the real-time data exchange. Make security also a priority with robust security solutions in place with on-cloud email solutions. Cloud gives you the necessary flexibility, agility and speed to collaborate faster and more efficiently than ever.

SMS Solution

Virtual is the way to go and the earlier you adapt it its better

Connect and collaborate with your team-mates and customers anytime, anywhere

Cloud Collaboration

Collaborate with cloud for faster reach and flexibility

Cloud makes you competitive to sustain in the competition

Cloud Collaboration

Exchange data fast and make it more simplified with Cloud collaboration

Collaborate with team-mates and customers with high-speed, reliability, agility and security all at once

Bring your entire work- force on to one platform with Cloud collaboration

Cloud is the most flexible solution technology has to offer today. In this realm of cloud collaboration gets new lease of life to make it more effective and bringing great flexibility to stay afloat the competition. Our cloud-collaboration makes your life easy and helps bring in faster business through lesser efforts.

SMS- Short messaging services

Accelerate your business by staying connected via fast and reliable SMS services

Flexibility, freedom and reliability all under one solutions help you gain control over your collaborative efforts

Save your costs of travel and bring down complicated processes of communication and collaboration through Konverge’s SMS services

SMS is the shortest form of communication and also one of the smartest. Therefore it is all the more important that the service is quick and efficient and with no interruption. Konverge gets dynamic talent to make SMS work the best or you in order to add a new dimension to your messaging and collaboration portfolio.


Mobilize your business through efficient SMS services solutions from Konverge

Avail the benefits of quick delivery of communication efficiently and on time

Instant Message

Instant messaging is the real-time communication that organizations are relying on for more business

Instant messaging speeds up your Unified communications strategy to take forward your business goals

Instant messaging

A rich user experience is an important aspect when it comes to instant messaging or any other messaging

Konverge makes sure that the user experience is one of the best and is constantly aligned with business objective so of your organization

Communication with your everyday work is extremely crucial. It is therefore imperative that the right technological solutions are deployed to make optimize the communication strategies that include quick messaging such as instant messaging.

Virtual Collaboration

More and more organizations are being able to create an impact and are driving businesses through effective virtual collaboration

Optimize your visibility and responsiveness thus to increase your business revenue with visual collaboration

Unify your strengths through visual collaboration and also the strength of your organization

Virtual collaboration gives a sort of personalized interaction with your customers. This increases the trust and also enhances the professionalism between you and your customers developing a beneficial long term relationship with your customers.

Virtual Collaboration

Make your virtual collaboration more main-stream through the right tools

Virtual collaboration is the main-stay of all communication strategies today

Real-time Collaboration

Have real-time made simple for your organization while your work force increases their productivity

Embrace the simplified real-time collaborative strategic solutions by Konverge and make your life easy

Real-time collaboration

Unite your people and technology for better performance and business returns with real-time collaboration

Secure and connected, uninterrupted meetings with real-time collaboration technology that enables you to drive your business faster and more efficiently

Work together to devise great solutions on a common platform to be able to derive maximum productivity out of your work

Real-time is the new age technological marvel that basically is able to bring all your team mates on one page, one platform and have a collaborated working to produce better results. Konverge analyses the need of collaboration and the types of collaborative efforts needed in your organization and accordingly devises a strategy that helps your work force easily adapt it and implement it faster.

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