IT Facilities Managed Services

We take care of every aspect of your IT to enable agile and optimized functioning of your business

We manage your IT as our own to help your operational and infrastructural capabilities function better

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business with our managed services offering

It Facility Management

Performance comes first when it is about IT FMS onsite, remote and on Demand

Our IT facilities management is all about delivery, quality, management and availability

Optimizing IT infrastructure, operations and maintenance is the key to sustenance

Our offerings include managing technicalities, operations, agility and geographies all by reducing cost to your business. By managing we help the deployed services work properly throughout their life-cycle. By managing the different aspects of your IT, we provide a full umbrella of services that make sure your business runs uninterrupted

We manage your IT on an everyday basis to make sure that your operations and outcomes are well aligned with your business goals

Network and Security services

Resolve threats; secure your network from both inside and outside security breach while optimizing multiple-layers of security.

Vendor SLA Management Services

Our Vendor SLA management provides immediate remedies when certain IT needs are not met or satisfied. We offer robust solutions in the form of consultation and manage your SLA services to the core.

Desktop Management

Optimize your desktop management with our unique solutions that can change the way you do business. With latest tools in the industry deployment we manage the entire life-cycle of your desktop management.

IT Help Desk Management Services

Free your engineers from day-to-day IT help desk management services and augment your productivity and business revenue both at the same time.

Server Management-

We manage every aspect of your servers’ right from managing operating systems, physical servers, and infrastructure. Whether its cloud, on-premise or hybrid technology; we manage the entire data centers with specific care for your servers.

LAN/WAN Management

You are well connected only with a robust network and more so if the eco system of the heart of your network i.e. LAN/WAN is well managed you are ensured of an uninterrupted communication and business.

System Administration

We take care of your entire system management leaving your hands free and also help you get rid of unwanted tensions. By managing systems administration you get everything in place and order to help boost productivity

Mail/Messaging Management

Your communication is the heart and soul of your business and with no glitches there there’s a smooth running of your business. What communication, information and data are being exchanged and how what is will determine a lot of things for your business.

IT Security Management

Continuous protection sit he real need of the time with the onslaught of new technologies. Therefore we manage your IT security round the clock, 365 days so that there is no scope for any security breaches what so ever.

Datacenter Management

Your entire IT runs on the information stored in your data center. Hence for the smooth running of your business managing your entire data center is a must right from design, planning deployment and most importantly management.

Application & Database Management

Your apps will run well as long as they are managed well and same goes for the database management too. We help you manage your applications and database so that you can derive maximum benefit out of them.

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