Enterprise Solutions

Deliver Business value to customers through our whole new approach to Digital

Optimizing technology to not just simplify complex problems, but to augment your business results using the best of Digital

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Combining the best of digital and IT practices to enhanced business results

The real use of technology in IT is to help simplify complex processes and leverage business at the same time. If one of the aspects is not augmented, the resources, technologies deployed, expertise is not being explored for maximum benefits of the organization. Thus enterprise solutions is a way to combat the new challenges while you combine the old school thought processes to guarantee success. Being the change enablers in this changing digital landscape is the not a cake walk as it requires a lot of planning and strategic decisions and implementation of processes. Konverge does exactly that and our power-packed enterprise solutions that accelerate business processes.

Staying ahead of the digital curve can only happen if organizations take a holistic look at their business initiatives and add innovation to their entire enterprise. Enterprise solutions, that enable IT processes and create a whole new array of possibilities is what Konverge does for its customers.

Transform your business with an entire suite of enterprise solutions to achieve critical business outcomes with ease and success

Managing your IT Operational Environment For Better Business Outcomes

Enterprise Mobility

Offer an enhanced user experience anytime, anywhere like never before with Enterprise Mobility

While you transform and adjust your work force with the new upcoming technologies of enterprise mobility, we at Konverge provide the expertise and experience to help you have better insights for the changing IT landscape. We help you align your business goals with the in-transit-work-place to combat all that is challenging and new. With our assistance and management you can seamlessly adapt, implement and optimize the benefits of enterprise mobility with no risks at all.

Enterprise Mobility

Now connect anytime, anywhere across the globe with seamless and unified communication

Open up the four walls of your work place beyond boundaries with super mobility experience. With enterprise mobility deployed, comes the need of a strategic road map to be able to catch up with the on-the-move-office transformation and a simplified work model to make the advantages of agile and flexible technologies work best for your organization.

Wireless Mobility

We offer proven methodologies that make technology work for you and super tools that help redefine wireless and mobility

Making the best of technology work in your interest; we offer wireless and mobility solutions that accelerate your business growth while mitigating risks

Wireless Mobility

Creating an extension of your present workplace anywhere and anytime is now being made possible through wireless mobility. The power to connect is enhanced with a highly flexible work model…

Our enterprise solutions boost your business outcomes while we accentuate the implementation of emerging technologies

Enhance your wireless experience with Konverges’ experts, as we help analyze the precise need, deployment, management and monitoring the success of wireless and mobility for your organization. While deploying these technologies, we leverage your IT infrastructural capacities, identify the loopholes and bridge the gaps.

Application Integration

Streamline your IT processes with lesser investment of time, effort and costs too

Konverge’s experts help diverse applications to be integrated with each other for interoperating in real-time. This enables quicker execution and responsiveness yielding to much effective business.

Let effective application integration leverage your business by deriving more ROI and thus helping your enterprise earn a brand value

One of the objectives of application integration is enhancing the value of individual applications and increasing speed and efficiency of tasks in your organization. Let the seamless integration exchange data to enhance business value and increase ROI. It is seen that against traditional use of isolated applications, an integration of applications speeds up processes and thus you save time, efforts and operational and infrastructural costs.

Application Integration

Let events, data and information seamlessly transit from one application to another with a super application integration experience

While customers are becoming smarter by the day and their demands are ever rising, smarter applications are much in demand.

Mobile Device Management

Expert Mobile Device Management helps you gain control and visibility overcritical data and mitigates risks

Adding or retrieving mobile devices, providing secure access to personal information and facilitating the deployment of enterprising apps is enabled by robust mobile device management.

Mobile Device Management

Optimize and Enhance Mobility with secure mobile device management

Securing critical business information and data is crucial to any organization’s uninterrupted growth and security

Critical business information distributed amid various mobile devices calls for an enhanced mobility device management that primarily secures crucial data

Knowing both the implementation and management is the true mantra of success for any technological advancement. Mobile device management is one such realm of any work force today that…

Secure Mobile Access

The very purpose of mobiles other than communication is exchange of information. Critical data is therefore becoming vulnerable and is being exposed through various app downloading or any other software interference.

With an open and an almost easily available information gateways though mobiles, making mobile access secure should be the topmost priority of organizations

Mobile access and social media sites are a routine today and xchange of information has become easy and rampant. A robust secure mobile access is therefore the protective guard against these unwanted hazards. Securing your mobile access is one of the top-most challenges that organizations are facing today. With technology spearheading new utilities and conveniences at a fast rate; the threat and exposure to critical data is equally on a rise. Thus, best practices need to be adapted to provide full to avoid mistakes and organizations cannot risk being caught unawares while some unknown threat is hijacking their critical data.

Secure Mobile Access

Protect your network and data and mitigate Risks with a valid secure mobile access strategy

Making mobile access secure is the need of the time with mobile phones enabling apps, and other software to be downloaded easily on the phones

Enterprise Teleco MS Management

High speed broadband is the need of the to make the most out of the telecom giant that it is

We do not compromise on customer’s needs instead help organizations align their efficiencies around the customer demands

Enterprise Teleco MS Management

Shift seamlessly from the traditional calling services with Konverge’s enterprise Teleco MS Management offering

Embrace the dynamic change in the telecom industry and make the changes in your organization to provide the best possible solutions to your customers

Enhancing user-experience and increasing speed efficiency is our objective when it comes to Teleco objectives

We design and plan the entire gamut of things when it comes to Teleco management. The enterprise management allows us to help reduce costs while we optimize user-experience and customer satisfaction.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Connect, Collaborate and Succeed

Business doesn’t wait for anyone and only those who stay connected and collaborated get through it at the right place and the right time

Boost innovation, control costs and improve productivity with smart communication and collaboration-

Unified communication and collaboration is not just a technology-advantage, but a possibility with infinite advantages that can entirely change the face of your business. It is the key to changing the way you develop and deploy products and solutions, make critical business decisions and also the way you respond and interact with your clients. Unified communication is a strategy to keep everyone in the organization connected with each other and with the clients too and it’s one of the most engaging technologies that are being deployed today. Working on the principle of integration, it is all about integrating various communication technologies such as voice, data and video in order to boost productivity and reduce operational costs.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Share, integrate and manage information all at one time anywhere, anytime

Now connect people quickly, smartly and have uninterrupted collaborative and productive business that is optimized for profit. With Unified communication and Collaboration, we help you bring your entire work force on one platform and optimize performances beyond imagination.

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