Email solutions (Messaging)

Protect your confidential data through our email messaging solutions that create multiple levels of security at the onset of exchange of information.

Protect, enhance and manage your email solutions and optimize communication like never before

email solutions

Let your customers trust communication through an authenticated and protected email messaging

With the Digital revolution, email messaging has become an important channel of communication. It cannot be treated like just another way of communicating but as a solution in itself. Konverge gives the best solutions when it comes to email messaging by optimizing communication and leveraging business.

Make business communication spam free and mitigate risks with Konverge’s email solutions

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Exchange, Pop3, Imap Solution and Support

Different facets of email communication, this could be called the traditional ways of communication We combine the old and the new to make the best of both the technologies, authenticate the process and solution and we help exchange and Pop3. Our Imap solutions and Support leverage your business like never before.

Email Solution Exchange

Office 365 integration and Support

With the latest in Office integration and the systematic deployment of the same we make your communication a lot more flexible, secure and manageable for your organization. We help integrate local infrastructure with Office 365 to leverage the best of both and give you dynamic solutions.

Email Design

Microsoft Exchange design and Deployment

We help and extend support in Microsoft exchange design. We extend hand-holding from installation, deployment and implementation to the core.

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