Database Managed Services

Database management is a critical and responsible job than one can think of

Our team of database management services plan and design space, storage, backup and everything that can optimize your database management

An expert Oracle DBA is what Konverge provides to make the best of your database administration and management

Database management partner

An expert Database management partner will streamline database processes for your organization

We offer a dedicated primary and secondary DBA whether it is for onsite and offsite database administration. Our 24/7remote DBA availability is with a response time all the time wherever and wherever you need our assistance.

We also help organizations with disaster recovery, database corruption while managing their databases

Microsoft SQL Onsite /offsite

With our Microsoft SQL onsite and offsite database management you can manage your critical business systems with ease, less manpower and lower costs.

Optimization and fine tune

With our years of experience and expertise in database management, we help optimize your databases and also help fine tune and rev up your efficiencies.

Data Planning and Deployment

Planning and design of a databases leads to a more constructive management and lesser efforts with lower costs. With Deployment in a specific manner with specific technologies we let you enjoy all the benefits of database management and competitive excellence to increase efficiency.

Skill DBA resources

The need of a skilled expertise is a must when it comes to database management. Instead of over-staffing, skilled staff will increase productivity and lower costs.

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