Data Center

Breakdown the complexity of IT through a well planned and managed Data center

The ever changing IT scenario makes decision making difficult for IT organizations. A well designed Data center necessarily means a versatile and flexible design

Data Center

Data Center

A robust data center can optimize evolving technologies and adapt them as opportunities

Plan and design your design center in a way that can adapt new technologies with ease

Welcome the dynamic and evolving Digital revolution with a high-end Data Center

Fine tune your IT infrastructure to make the most of your data. Build a data center that focuses on agility, adaptation and change. Challenges are going to crop up, so it is best that your data center is well equipped to combat and overcome any challenge and create more agility to support performance. Data centers that improve stability and bring uninterrupted business are built on the solid foundation of knowledge and experience.

More space need not necessarily mean a competent data center. A data center that creates performance oriented environment is the need of the time

Optimize your IT with well designed, planned and managed data center from experts

Cloud Infrastructure services

Adopt and manage Cloud with confidence

Our hosted data center solutions coupled with Cloud offerings will give you flexible cloud choices

We unleash the power of Cloud by bringing it together in a unified manner

A holistic view on how all the aspects of IT work well when unified is what makes a successful IT enterprise. Konverge understands the same and we deliver cloud services by bringing together the functioning of applications, automation, and infrastructure, the power of work and the inter-relationship and interactivity of all these aspects. Not isolating, but unifying your IT to make cloud work better and advantageously is our objective.

Storage Virtualization

Enjoy the benefits of customized cloud services that are designed to address specific needs

Konverge facilitates world-class data centers under an extensive hybrid cloud environment that allow them to manage and control the most crucial applications

Storage and Data management

Storage and data management need solutions to make them an asset and not an expenditure

Secure your data in the most sophisticated data center while reducing costs and value of your data

Storage and Data management

Now let your storage devices last as long as your network infrastructure does

A strategic approach to storage and data management will solve most of your IT storage problems

Think beyond Storage, look beyond Data Management

Change the way you manage your data and its storage and see the benefits for yourself. IT decision making is largely based on the data center storage, security and its management. Data is only going to increase every year and not reduce any which way. Therefore it’s best to find the most innovative and profitable ways to create a solution that optimizes your storage. Partner with Konverge to achieve the same and much more.

Facilities and Relocation

Optimize your data centers while you think of expanding your business

Make relocation and expansion a profitable bargain rather than adding to your expenditure

We work with you to design and implement sustainable goals and objectives to make the transition as simplified as possible

With data increasing at an enormous speed, organizations are making facilities and relocation a priority. But don’t allow this urgency to ruin the nature of shift that you resort to. There is little wisdom in increasing physical space to accommodate more data. Hence it is essential that organizations weigh all the possibilities to see to it that they make the most wise and economical choices that benefit both their business as well as their work-force.

Facilities and Relocation

Move to virtualization, automation and consolidation for upgrading facilities and relocation

Konverge helps you with the best of solutions for facilities and relocation while mitigating risks and bringing down your infrastructural costs

Backup and Data Management

Recovery and Management of data is crucial to adding value to data of organizations

Organizations cannot afford to underestimate the importance of data retrieval and its everyday management

Backup and Data Management

Your approach towards data back-up and management could be the deciding factor for the success of your business

Using the latest technology for back-up and data management could save you a lot of costs and efforts. There is an incessant need to analyze the current state of your data, its storage and retrieval plans and its overall management. Konverge helps you do this analysis and recommends the necessary changes in approach and technology to make the best back-up systems to be deployed and take a new strategized approach towards managing your data.

Active and Passive Component Integration

Enjoy total network reliability with active and passive component integration

Konverge offers high-performance network systems and services that are focused on your needs

We offer muliple services that support active and passive component integration

Whether it is an active component such as Diode, transistor or SCR, or the devices that need an external source to operate we facilitate the integration of the same with passive components to make them function in alignment with the rest of the network. This facilitates more efficient networking and thus better business continuity.

Active and Passive Component Integration

Adapt a comprehensive design and implementation system with active and passive component integration

Plan a successful future with active and passive component integration along with high-speed network analysis, design and integration plans

AC and Power Management

Let technology enhance and not damage

A very feasible solution toward being responsible while being productive is consume less to gain more sustainability

AC and Power Management

Consume less to Sustain more

It is the era where the increase in data and other resources are inevitable. It is therefore the responsibility of IT organizations to make Green-IT work for the world.

AC and power management are for smooth IT operations

Make smart changes in your power consumption designs and installation to allow less consumption with more power to responsibility. Konverge offers a smart way of handling AC and Power consumption plans for your organization. It’s not just about your servers and storage requirement, it is also about how your work cabins that can be designed to sustain power and minimize the need for unnecessary power consumption.

Biometric Access and CCTV

Know who is a part of your organization and who isn’t

As simple as it may read, though you may casually know your work place employees and staff, there are lot others such vendors, clients and partners who walk in and out of your organization

Biometric Access and CCTV are revolutionizing the way we look at security

Making a record of individual identification through Biometric access is one of the most path-breaking ways of raising security standards at organizations. Working with credentials such as a finger-print in Biometrics is gaining popularity due to authentication and reliability of the system. CCTV cameras are records of walk-ins and people actually present in the premises and both the asystems offer excellent identification and view of any suspicious behavior.

Biometric Access and CCTV

Set your security on identification basis to track the wrong-doers

Trust is one thing, but letting your guard down when there are valuable assets of your organization such as data at stake, you can’t take any risks

Datacenter Design, Planning and Implementation

Planning the design well before implementing it is all about creating a strong foundation for your data center

Plan all the aspects of your data center with a futuristic view so that it meets all the technological needs of your organization

Datacenter Design, Planning and Implementation

Your data center is vital to your organization, bring life into it

A detailed design for your data center that is customized to suit your needs is imperative

Strategize implementation to reap the benefits for a long period

Strategizing the design, plan and implementation of your data center is highly essential as it will determine the overall business of your organization. The strategy must include people, processes, technology, space allocation and inclusion of virtualization as well. Foresight is important, while keeping in mind the constant changing scenario of IT.

Design a Data center with Security, Resilience, Reliability and Flexibility as the focus

A data center is the core of your business. It’s imperative that it is secure and designed to recover with great reliability and flexibility to scale up or down when needed.

Build a Data center that adds value to your business

Your data center should be able to quickly adapt to apps, new technologies and integrate them with cloud, hybrid-cloud and other technologies of virtualization

One vendor policy

To have a more simplified process of setting up your data center, resort to one- vendor policy wherein you have to deal with just one knowledge partner.

Cloud conducive

Virtualization is the revolutionary step in technology and your data center should undoubtedly support cloud and related technologies.


An innovative data center that provides ample scope for new technologies and adaptation of apps and integration is the one that will help grow the business now and in the future. We design data centers that are innovative and thus competent.

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