Contact Centre

We provide a fully equipped knowledge-base through a contact centre that provides comprehensive

Have a contact centre that’s a full-fledged solutions centre in itself

Contact Center 1

Contact Centre

Contact centers now no longer function just as call centers

It is all about customer care today, as organizations are rolling up their sleeves to extend solutions as per the demands of the customer. The communication that happens with the customers through your team can be a deciding factor for your business and a determining factor for your sustenance in the market as well. Therefore the contact center acts a crucial link between your business and your clients.

Staff that is fully knowledgeable and has and is are equipped with expertise is the new concept of contact centers

Meeting and Presentations

Konverge offers strategies and tactics to make communication come full circle

Smart meetings can be the initiation of a long term relationship with your clients

Present your data in the most innovative approach and make your contact centre go beyond the call center culture

Meetings and presentations form a large part of your interactive dialogue with your customers and it is also crucial for your brand image. Innovative approach and integration of the right technology while presenting data can yield higher benefits for your business than you can imagine.

Meetings Presentation

Your contact with your client can now determine the business of your future,

Presentations are brand building exercises; make sure you use the right technology other than the data to create the right impression

Enterprise connection

Choose the right partner to be one of the leading multi-channel communication providers in the market today

Your contact center is one of the major decision-makers in your business today

Channel and Enterprise Integration

Channel selection is crucial for the message to reach the right audience at the right time

Enterprise integration is strategized by Konverge to optimize the benefits

To meet the ever changing face of the multi-channel world of today’s times, we design a channel and enterprise integration strategy to combat challenges to be able to meet the exact requirements of your customers. Multi-channel selection, configuration, deployment etc. is done by team Konverge to facilitate smooth communication through all the crucial channels to give tangible business benefits.

Workforce Optimization

People are the most important assets of an organization; not the forget the value that they bring with them

Workforce optimization is the first right step towards having an effective and competitive contact center

If you have the right people at the right place and at the right time it will only help you resolve your customers’ issues more effectively. Konverge deploys competency and quality management as a part of workforce optimization for better communication with your customers.

work force optimization

A contact center with the right talent team is a power house of solutions

Konverge helps you identify the issues and resolve the issues through your team to reach a viable solution

Apps Tools

Business intelligence provides the key understanding towards how to leverage your data for business benefit

Understanding the various areas of your data, categorizing it regularly will help you use it wisely

Business Intelligence

Insights into your data and extracting value out of it can enhance productivity and boost innovation in your organization

We help you gain control and a clear visibility to help leverage communication with your customers

More visibility and control is achieved through business intelligence when it comes to customer care. Along with the right people at the right time, right information at the right time is also essential to leverage communication.

Cloud and Managed Contact center services

Agile businesses stay much ahead in the competition in today’s dynamic IT landscape

Konverge analyses the need of cloud in your organization and thus deploys it as per the requirement

Well managed contact center services give uninterrupted business with continual and excellent user experience

We align the processes, people and technologies with your business goals to make the customer experience a success at your organization. We also optimize communication through the right use of cloud to make interactions more agile and fast.

Cloud Managed

Technologies such as cloud enable flexibility to give a better customer service

The deployment of Cloud aims to make the customer experience and user experience a delight

Contact Center

Deploying contact centre as a service adds value to your service offerings and show your customers that you care

Contact centre as a service is what Konverge offers due to its enormous benefits as a one-vendor offering brings down costs in your organization

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

Costs are a crucial and deciding factor for the growth of your business

A well managed contact centre deployed and a service brings down cost considerably to favor business growth

Right technology can do miracles to your organization. Konverge helps you choose them or you

We encourage access to the right technology to manage your contact center, so that operational costs reduce considerably benefitting the organization a lot. We help you deploy contact centre as a service which helps you to let your customers see you as a one-stop vendor for all the communication and trouble-shooting issues.

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