Cloud Solutions

Accelerate Business growth with Cloud

Simplify cloud management through robust cloud networking infrastructure

Cloud Solutions

With industry-leading hardware and software you get a robust Cloud platform that improves efficiency and boosts productivity.

A robust cloud platform gives the necessary operational control, while a well-automated cloud facilitates orchestration, billing and administration that favor business growth in all directions.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is the future; Cloud is here that brings real transformation

If you want to accelerate your ambitions by entering new markets and explore newer avenues it’s a must to be digitally ahead and have an infrastructural transformation with Cloud. It is very essentials that one adapts to Cloud and services that bring the change and the necessary shift that will benefit your business in every possible way. With Cloud you reduce your risks in security and performance and make way for a hybrid-It infrastructure.

With Cloud you get a secure, responsive and an agile platform to perform your best

Cloud Computing

Optimize your IT resources with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will make your life easy. Accelerate business growth with low maintenance costs, fuel agility and enhance productivity.

Reliable, Fast and Secure-that’s Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is the next gen technology that can do miracles to your business. Any business will derive value only if it is fast, reliable and secure. Cloud computing offers the necessary speed of production and delivery, while it also is one of the most reliable technologies of today’s age. Uncompromised security makes it the most sought after technology too! While we deploy Cloud computing, we analyze what type of Cloud suits your organization how well it can be aligned with your business objectives to derive maximum benefits out of it.

Cloud Computing

Scale your services, boost productivity, and add value to your business with Cloud Computing

With Cloud computing that gives you a competitive advantage in the market; you are undoubtedly making the right choice

Application on Cloud

It’s about powerful technology and the right use of this technological advantage to leverage business; Cloud does exactly that!

Experience the power of building apps, collaborating and bringing your entire work force on one platform for uninterrupted connectivity.

Application on Cloud

Derive the best of Cloud with versatile applications on Cloud

The Cloud umbrella offers three most powerful applications such as Azure, SharePoint and Office 365 to help organizations leverage their businesses to the maximum, With applications such as Azure you can now build and deploy applications whenever and wherever. While SharePoint offers a scope to tailor deployments and provides reliability, Office 365 brings your entire workforce on one platform

Unleash the magic of the power-house of cloud applications that will ensure productivity, reliability, and versatility all at the same time

Get the most out of the powerful tools at your hand with Cloud application integration. Azure helps you protect your assets through innovative methodologies that focus primarily on security, followed by transparency and compliances. APIs and analytics in Azure enable you to build apps quickly, whether they are complex in nature or very simple. SharePoint helps your work force collaborate and stay in contact for faster communication. Office 365 on the other hand provides a simplified storage facility and helps have co-workers connect and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. An integrated approach to communication is one of best advantages of Office 365.

Cloud Networking Solutions

Accelerate business growth with Cloud Networking

Simplify cloud management through robust cloud networking infrastructure

Meet today’s IT challenges through a highly network-centric cloud implementation

A big leap after computer networking; cloud networking is the major transformation that will spear-head growth in your business and at a faster speed. Bring more agility, speed and precision with cloud networking and build a strong work-force connectivity with collaboration at the core. Without much capital expense, have a secure, segregated and well-embedded Cloud networking in your organization.

Cloud Networking Solutions

Adopt one of the best cloud networking solutions to gain faster development, business growth and transform into new IT at much lower costs.

As a cloud solutions expert, Konverge offers excellent and high-end hardware and software to make sure you get best out of cloud networking.

Cloud Security

With the possibility of critical data being exposed to several risks, manage your data wisely with Cloud security

Remove blind spots and possible threats or security breaches with transforming your work place and making it cloud-proof. Secure apps, users and information by enabling cloud compliances and stringent protocol

Cloud Security

Now protect your critical data and applications anytime, anywhere

With Cloud security at its best now you can block threats proactively and prevent any damage even before its strikes

Mange Cloud security well to make optimum use of cloud adoption and usage

Whether the Cloud adopted by your organization on-premise Cloud or off-premises it hybrid, security is top priority for your data that is available on Cloud. Leaving behind traditional ways of securing your information, it is best that you adopt more agile, more and in a way automated approach to security in your organization. To be a part of the digital shift, creating an approach at your work place that not only adapts but also successfully absorbs and implements security measures is the key.

Cloud Backup

With Cloud Backup, protect your critical data which is the most important asset of your organization

Cloud Back up gives you the necessary protection so that there is no loss of data whatsoever and that your business runs uninterrupted

Cost-effective and Convenient; rely fully on Cloud backup for a continual business growth

Konverge gives you a fully automated Cloud backup solution that is extremely easy and one that simplifies your use. Our Cloud back-up solution can sync very well with any of the operating systems. This gives you the flexibility to store your data on your own cloud system, on our cloud system or on-premise cloud system or also in cloud managed environment.

Cloud Backup

Make your cloud backup cost effective and simplify it for better results

Either scale up or scale without any fear of loss of data, as Cloud Backup is the support your organization can rely on. Make the most of Cloud backup with minimal or almost zero capital investment.

Accelerate innovation and speed-up progress with the right Cloud Partner

Accelerate performance

Konverge provides the best Cloud solutions that accelerate your organization’s performance. We understand that transformation s not easy and therefore we understand your needs and requirements and customize Cloud solutions for you to accelerate performance.

Get the best out of Cloud

We provide Cloud solutions that transform your business just the way you want it. We help you pick the best that suits your organization and we see to it that it gives you all the benefits of Cloud. We see to it that your compliance and security requirements are in-line with the agile Cloud infrastructural transformation

Integration is critical

Any transformation is not easy. Konverge makes this transition very easy for you. We identify the need of cloud and the capacity for such a change. We recommend integration of hybrid Cloud, on-premise IT whether you need private or public Cloud. We integrate your need seamlessly into your existing infrastructure so that the shift is smooth.

Different solutions

As per your need we provide the right Cloud solution for you. We provide the solution of Private Cloud enterprise if the need is for little capital expense, time and skills. SAP applications are a part of our Cloud solutions to help you manage costs and provide critical scalability. We also provide Cloud backup, managed hosting and Community Cloud as a part of our solutions.


Organizations often question transformation on the grounds of the possibility of their data being exposed to malware or any other threats. But Cloud is effective because of its stringent security compliances and the fact that you can access or retrieve data in case of emergency because of Cloud is reason enough for you to shift to this modern technological miracle.

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