Client Computing

Balancing your client expectations with your business objective is the main thing for a successful business outcome

Wanting to make IT their very own; customers have become aware of their choices

Client Computing

Give the users what they want while you also save costs toward your organization

Client Computing

End-users now want to stay connected seamlessly through networks

It is the privilege of the customers to have highly secure access to IT and Konverge enables just that

These are the times of user-centric environments. Therefore strategic and tactical solutions are the need of the time

The mix of the old and the new is the answer to client computing. It is not necessary that you adapt something fully new. Therefore to strike the right balance we leverage the perfect mix of the old and the new to offer the best client computing solutions.

Strategy, deployment, identity management security are the different aspects of client computing that we offer as solutions

Strategy, Architecture and deployment

IT goes beyond your PC through Client Computing

A mobile friendly and highly agile environment for work is the deal when it comes to new age IT organizations

Let your users stay connected and move beyond the traditional desktop operations

The addition of smart-phones, tablets and various apps in the market are making the demands of your work-force increase by the day. Many calling it consumerisation of IT; it is definitely changing the whole dynamics of the IT industry. Therefore, Client Computing calls for the need of strategy, architecture and deployment to sustain this change.


Freedom in choosing, is the new IT

Employees wanting to choose their ways of working and users wanting to have direct access for staying connected is the new IT

Application Integration1

Deploying the right application and managing it well to produce continuous value for your business

Deliver outcomes with robust application integration to facilitate quality and fast delivery of solutions

Application integration management

Let the experts strategize Application integration and management to bring in excellent results

We decrease the time to market required for your apps by integrating with the latest conducive solutions

We help transform your business with acute analysis and solutions driven strategy

With cross-industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of various verticals, we have developed strategic and tactical solutions for application integration. We integrate the apps in such a way that they are scalable and agile to suit the type of use. We customize them so that they are valuable throughout the life cycle of the solutions win which they are used for.

Device Policy

Konverge provides multi-layers security to let your people use their devices with no threats whatsoever against your organizations security

With right policies secure your organization from both the outside threats and threats from within your organization

We take on management of your devices to make sure the policies make sense for your people and also make the devices secure

With Mobile technology being very powerful, everyone wants to utilize the ‘bring your own device’ opportunity to make mobile work even more powerfully. However the dilemma is in the kind of security threats this can possibly bring into the organization. Hence we have a security management service to prohibit such threats from entering your organization. We manage the security and the policies in such a way that it increases productivity while mitigating risks.

Device Policy

When your employees are carrying your data in pocket devices and taking it wherever they go you need a policy to be in place

Protect your company and its data from unintended aligning of data and let any malware not catch you unawares

Identity Management

Cement your security solutions with robust identity management

Authentication of users and apps through identity management is imperative for secure business

Identity Management

Have complete control over the access to your IT for securing your invaluable data

Who gets the access to the most crucial information in your organization and how, is determined by how well your identity management works

IT architecture and core and your security strategy should very well integrate identity management

Reducing the risks to security while bringing down operational costs with authenticating access is what Konverge helps organizations with. Logging on from multiple devices and users using network for access liberally has put identity management in the priority list for several organizations.


Adapt, implement and adhere to best practices in IT industry

Turn the most challenging aspect of compliance into an opportunity and benefit your business has always been our aim

Emphasis is given to more important policies and focus is directed toward processes

Konverge helps in risk management by laying down a firm and robust foundation of compliances and protocol to adhere to the. Before we take this step, we assess the entire infrastructure, operations and lifecycle of your organization to help you understand where the loopholes are and whether there are any unattended vulnerabilities within the organization. We, then prioritize compliance management before implementation.


Compliance is to give a 360 view of your IT security and to make sure there aren’t any unattended probabilities of risks

We help you identify and maintain areas of compliance that are in-line with your business objectives

Security Hardening

Proper system hardening is a mandate if you want to avoid any security threats and risks

A continuous round the clock configuration can avoid damages through security breach

Security / Hardening

Always be aware of the current state of security in your system through 24X7 vigilance

Vigilant staff and knowledge base to know the systems well and raising the alarm at the slightest threat is the answer to avoid mishaps

We cover your systems with strict compliances and industry standard protocol

We do not compromise security at any costs. We make sure you have the complete knowledge of how your systems are configured and its best that your workforce too is in the same position; so even if the fixed vulnerabilities open the possibilities to threat you know how to deal with it. We alarm you with the best practices to combat such challenges to avoid any loses.

End user support

Your end-supports desktops, printers and any hardware as well as software is taken care by us

Any hardware or software support is extended any time and we take care of each and every issue and manage it well

Printers are also the lifelines and we very well include them as a major aspect of your systems

Whether it is about resolving any issue remotely or onsite we extend our expertise in solving all the issues through our end user support. Our end –user support makes sure all your systems and process keep your entire operation running successfully without interruption.

End User Support

We cater to all your end-support calls to efficiently manage the support system

A full-service desk management is a part of our end-support systems management

With new device and choices comes new technology and with that comes the new mindset of the customers

Vast landscape

Client computing is a vast landscape covering several aspects. Konverge takes care of the entire spectrum of things that are covered under client computing such as strategy, architecture planning, deployment, device policy, application management, compliance security etc


There are several benefits that client computing can bring about. This includes allowing your clients to truly choose what they want. With customers being aware of what they want, it makes you and your work force create more value and productivity.

Happy customers

Happy customers lead to more business and thus the relationship with the customers is the true measure of your success at times. Client computing makes this relationship strong and durable for a longer time.

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