Application Solutions

Make your applications more agile for better customer experience

Today’s Digital revolution urges organizations to be more flexible and invest in key applications to gain the competitive advantage.

Application Solutions

Application Solutions

We support your ambitions and help them transform into reality

Our team- experts have the deep knowledge in Applications solutions and management. With the right application solutions, we transform your work place from a traditional one to a digitally enriched power house. Our solutions help leveraging technological miracles such as Cloud and integrating various applications to your benefit. With our robust applications support improve your work efficiency and business decision making to realize better business outcomes.

Get the best in-class applications solutions portfolio that is also very cost effective. We deliver the perfect application strategy, design and development, implementation and support for you. Dive into the digital wave without hesitation with converge an expert partner like Konverge to support you.

A strong applications’ portfolio makes sure you always stay a step ahead in the IT market

Konverge offers innumerable application solutions to speed up business delivery efficiently

App Development

We have a multi-dimensional application development strategy to speed up your business

We create a strategy that will help develop applications that will enhance and transform the digital landscape of your organization.

We offer scalable, robust application development solutions that can help organizations leverage their business advantages

We combine our deep know-how of the science and technology behind application development and create applications that not only meet industry standards but also help organizations enhance their business capabilities. Our applications are solutions that help synch with both mainstream as well as traditional business objectives. Before building apps for you, we analyze your infrastructural capacities, scalability and work-force dynamics.

Custome Apps

Developing applications that will transform your business

Now deploy applications that will truly change the face of your business. Boost productivity and enhance protection with the right application development

custom app development

Now have an application customized at whichever stage of your project when it’s needed so that it’s relevant and is not outdated

Application development in itself is a big step in innovation, customizing can help organizations make the optimum use of applications.

Customize Application Development

Efficient ways of monitoring any applications health program can ensure best results out of customizing an application

Knowing the exact need of the organization and matching the requirement- specifics of the application can help build the right app for the company.

Businesses soar when their insights, objectives and their developed products match

Konverge analyzes business needs and then decides the type of customization of applications. This leaves no ambiguity in terms of requirement and the offering as we make sure they match well to give maximum benefits to the organization.

CRM Development

With robust CRM solutions let your customers know that you care

With a strategic CRM development, let your customers know that your solutions are all customer-centric. Unleash the potential of your CRM to give ultra-super experience to your customers.

Make your offerings relevant, fast and effortless for your customers to engage them more and gain profits

Let the sales, marketing and service professionals of your organization gain the benefit of the right tools at the right time to attract customers and give them an outstanding service; one that will give your customers convenience and a quick and well managed CRM solutions. Solve your customer engagement issues and create powerful connections by creating new possibilities for your customers.

CRM Development

Now have all the data of your customers under one umbrella to serve them better

Focus better on your customers, develop better, long term relationships with your customers and win their loyalty with a perfect CRM solution.

Ib Intergation

Adapt faster to changing business conditions with agile business intelligence integration

Now make informed business decisions by having structured data formats, super rich data quality and mange information efficiently to unleash the hidden potential value of your data.

BI Integration

Let business intelligence integration bring together various critical aspects of your organization on one platform to enable better productivity

Provide optimum performance by cleansing, organizing, structuring your business data for better analysis, manipulation and delivery.

Taking a hybrid approach to valuable data is a smart way of putting the best data to use

A fully integrated business intelligence suite by Konverge helps organizations accelerate and enhance organizing and monitoring data and its use too. We offer a unified approach to your enter data to help you derive more value with our Business Intelligence know-how. With years of experience and expertise, we provide BI integration solutions that are cost-effective, scalable; ones that enhance productivity and increase your organizations ROI.

Tools Customized reports

Reports are the way of reviewing your operational efficiencies and collaborative activities

Data is invaluable if it is stored well, and most importantly reviewed and utilized as per the need. Chaotic data segregation cannot benefit anyone. Therefore deploying the right tools for customizing reports that generate the value for your data is a must.

Konverge’s tools for generating reports, enables you to have a unified view of the entire data in your system

Various different tools help you organize your data and align it with your business objectives, measures, initiatives, and also the action terms and conditions to be taken. Our major reposting and customization report tools leverages Big data and analytics to help you soar in your business and reach its maximum potential. We help organizations measure brand effectiveness, analyze and increase their ROI.

Apps Tools

Simplify complex reporting through optimized use of the right tools

You can choose to look and handle your data in a different way by streamlining the way you work on it.

We offer the application expertise and experience to make your business-model a success

By giving you comprehensive applications suite we foster application transformation to make digital easy for you.

Robust plan

We create and implement a robust application design and development plan to help you sustain the digital transformation and meet all the expectations of your digital outcomes.

Extended plans

We not only come up with one of the most innovative applications that intelligently drive your business in the right direction, we manage the applications too with the same fervor and expertise.

Application savvy

We understand the exact requirement of application development in your organization by assessing the expertise and know-how of your work force to better equip them with the application transformation process. This leads to speedy business outcomes within a short period of time.

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