AI-enabled hyperconverged infrastructure bolsters enterprise goals

AI-enabled hyperconverged infrastructure bolsters enterprise goals

Hyperconverged Infrastructure – fully virtualized servers, storage and networks – boosts enterprise IT efficiency and performance. AI-enabled hyperconverged infrastructure will take these benefits to a new level.

Hyperconverged infrastructure promised to bring customers simplicity and one throat to choke. But has this architecture delivered?

Hyperconverged infrastructure packs a punch with its technology. It brings the virtualization of servers, data storage and networking together in one box. It is designed to enable companies to manage their IT infrastructure in one place and from one vendor. That promises ease of management and simplicity, but it also poses challenges. Let’s take a look at how HCI has evolved and whether it’s better positioned today to serve customer needs.

Putting entire enterprise systems under the virtualization roof opens possibilities. When data storage is dynamically reconfigured, the network serving it can be simultaneously optimized for that reconfiguration; when inbound data traffic greatly increases, even an enormously complex system can self-throttle with dynamic, just-in-time buffering. New technologies such as edge computing—which IDC predicts will be an architecture for 20% of enterprises by 2021—become easier to implement; and the implementation of inter-system messaging can finally become a no-touch endeavor.

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